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Saturday, May 13, 2006

I Surprise Rap Crap Chap

My friend and I had parked and were walking toward the Big Lots store and we heard this horribly loud noise. At first we couldn't tell from what direction it was coming. Then as we got near the store it was obvious it was coming from an illegally parked car in front of the store. So I walked over, put my foot on the rear bumper and rocked the car a couple of times. The juvenile inside shut off the music and opened the window.

At that point I had my hands over my ears, but asked, anyway, that he keep the volume down. He asked why I had touched his car and I told him I did it to get his attention. He asked why I didn't just tap on the window. I didn't answer, but any ignoramus would know tapping on the window with all of that loud noise going on would be fruitless. After I walked away, he wound the window back up and turned up the volume even louder as any tantrum-prone teenager would do.

My feeling is that if every right-thinking civilized person would do as I did, those ignorant and selfish people would possibly begin considering their effect upon other people and would modify their behavior. We could begin right in their own homes if only the parents were to use common sense and Christian values in raising their children.


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