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Monday, March 13, 2006

$Billions for You, Nothing for Me

It's been three years since I became disabled.

It's been almost three years since I applied for Social Security Disability.

It's been three months (today) since my appeals hearing.

And during all of this time I've had to borrow money to supplement what's left of my meager savings in order to pay the bills and to live.

But, of course, the government is too busy sending $billions to the muslim nations around the Indian Ocean for tsunami relief, $billions to the Gulf Coast for Hurricane Katrina relief, $millions for medical support for illegal immigrants, $millions for educational support for illegal immigrants, $billions to civilize Iraq which wants nothing to do with civilization.

I'm not necessarily saying there's anything wrong with the money the government is spending on those things. I'm just saying where my $thousand? I spent years being a good citizen and working and paying taxes and paying into Social Security.

Now where's the help when I need it?