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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Google Pulls AdSense from SpelledSideways

There are no longer any Google AdSense ads on the pages of SpelledSideways.;

Google closed the account, according to the Googlers, because of fraudulent ad clicking.

I emailed them three times, explaining the mistake they were making. I tried to show them that, if there were any fraudulent ad clicking, it was done by overzealous and misguided friends and family.

But apparently to no avail

However, Iím beginning now to believe that fraudulent ad clicking was not the real reason for the account closing.

Look at these two previous posts: Google's Censorship in China and Google Replies to Criticism.

I also published the same two items on SpelledSideways. (They are no longer there because old items are dropped as new items are published.)

That, I believe, is the real reason for the closing of my AdSense account. I bit the hand that wasnít feeding me. Donít forget (as I did): is owned by Google.